Me and My Big Sis

Me and My Big Sis
Julie is my big Sis. She tells me she will be going traveling to that big bone store in the sky some day. I'm gonna miss her. I hope she brings back a lot of bones when she comes home.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Doggie Dream Water Bowl

Mama and PaPa bought me a new water bowl. I no longer need to worry about getting locked out of the bathroom when I want a drink of water. Tonight I heard Mama say she could freeze my water for me during the summer by putting the bottle in the freezer overnight. I know ice cream comes from there, but I didn't know she could make my water be hard like winter time.

Wiggle - Wiggle

Mama started saving her soda bottle so I can have cold water all the time.

Bones and Water

I can't wait till summer

Wiggle - wiggle

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