Me and My Big Sis

Me and My Big Sis
Julie is my big Sis. She tells me she will be going traveling to that big bone store in the sky some day. I'm gonna miss her. I hope she brings back a lot of bones when she comes home.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Buckey the Beaver


I got Buckey the Beaver. Santa left him for me in my stocking.
Wiggle - wiggle 
We go all over the house together. He lets me nibble on his toes and tug on his tail (which almost fell off the other day.)
Mama sewed it back on. I wanted to cry. I hated seeing her stick that big ol' needle in his bum.
Poor - Poor Buckey. I'll chew your tail some more and make it all better.

I thought I saw Gracie yesterday.

I looked out the window and I could have sworn it were her. Black cat with a white chest. I barked and barked but she wouldn't come home.
Whine - wiggle

Mama told me it weren't her. I don't know what she means. That was Gracie. I'm sure of it.

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